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The working principle of the screw centrifuge

Sep 20, 2019

The LW centrifuge is a horizontal screw discharge, continuous operation settling device. The drum and the spiral rotate at a high speed in the same direction at a certain speed. The material is continuously introduced into the conveying screw inner cylinder from the feeding pipe, and is accelerated into the rotating drum. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the heavier solid phase deposits on the drum wall. A sediment layer is formed. The conveying screw continuously pushes the deposited solid phase to the end of the drum cone, and exits the machine through the slag discharge port. The lighter liquid phase forms the inner liquid ring, which continuously overflows from the overflow end of the drum. The drum is discharged through the drain port. The machine can continuously feed, separate, wash and discharge at full speed. It has the characteristics of compact structure, continuous operation, balanced operation, strong adaptability, large production capacity and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for separating suspensions containing solid phase particles having a particle size greater than 0.005 mm and a concentration ranging from 2 to 40%. Widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.