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Three factors that need to be considered in the selection of solid liquid separation centrifuge

Sep 16, 2017

As a user, in the choice of solid liquid separation centrifuge before, generally need to first understand the relevant, mainly in advance to understand the specific need to deal with the material properties, chemical composition, PH value, the solid particle size of the material and operating temperature. Because these conditions will affect our final choice. Here to tell you about the solid liquid separation centrifuge three important factors.

In general, in the selection of solid liquid separation centrifuge process, we need to take into account the actual working conditions, material properties and process requirements, the only way to be able to achieve the desired purpose. First of all, in the purchase, we need to take into account the equipment is the anti-corrosion performance. This is because the equipment is usually handled by the material with a certain degree of corrosive, especially in contact with the material part, be sure to ensure a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

Therefore, the user friends in the selection of the time, but also need to explain to the manufacturers in advance of specific anti-corrosion requirements. The second element to note is the explosion-proof performance. Under normal circumstances, solid liquid separation centrifuge explosion-proof performance is determined by the explosion-proof grade requirements. Commonly used explosion-proof accessories are nitrogen protection device, nitrogen on-line detection and on-site explosion control button.

In short, before the purchase, should be the work of the specific explosion-proof requirements in order to facilitate the selection of suitable equipment, or in advance to configure the appropriate device and take appropriate measures to meet the explosion requirements. The last important factor is the separation of solid-liquid separation centrifuge performance.

In essence, in fact, the separation performance of the direct response of the solid liquid separation centrifuge performance, which mainly includes the equipment separation effect, washing effect, processing capacity and automation and so on. Users in the order period, mainly with the separation factor of the equipment to choose.

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