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Two phase decanter centrifuge use requirements

Feb 06, 2018

In comparison, the two phase decanter centrifuge is more used in the separation of solid particles in chemical raw materials, waste recycling, particulate dehydration or crystallization and purification. Combined with the working principle of two-phase decanter centrifuge analysis, the final separation effect depends mainly on the solid phase dryness.


This is because after the material to be treated is injected into the Two phase decanter centrifuge, a high-speed rotation will occur under the driving of the main motor. Under the action of the differential, the screw conveyor rotates in the same direction with the drum. At the same time, due to the difference of rotation speed, water and solid phase particles are separated.


In addition, with the high-speed operation of Two phase decanter centrifuge, under the action of centrifugal force, the solid particles separated from the liquid and began to settle on the inner wall of the drum. Finally, after the dehydration of the solid-phase particles in the role of the screw conveyor into the filter drum, the role of centrifugal force will be drained of water.


So, in practical applications, what is the correct use? Obviously, only properly installed and used, can give full play to the excellent performance of two phase decanter centrifuge. First of all, when installing, make sure that the power supply voltage meets the requirements. Second, the installation of the ground to be smooth, solid.


In particular, some relatively large two phase decanter centrifuge, we must ensure that the installation of a solid location to ensure the normal operation of the rotor does not sink into the recess, the installation of fixed ground should be smooth and solid.


In addition before installation, to determine the installation location must find a good level. After use, should be promptly cleaned two phase decanter centrifuge water within the cavity. In addition during the installation process, we must ensure that the two phase decanter centrifuge all the components are installed in place to ensure normal use.