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Understanding of three specific types in the LW series decanter centrifuge

Jun 03, 2019

LW series decanter centrifuge, which is a specific model and series of centrifuges, and it can be different types, so below, some specific types will be introduced in the future, so that everyone has a certain understanding of the LW series centrifuges, instead of knowing nothing. .


1.LW-S3 series decanter centrifuge

LW-S3 series decanter centrifuge, from a professional point of view, this is a three-phase fractionation machine, which has good classification and separation performance, can effectively separate oil, mud and water, so it can be used to carry out some solid The liquid mixture is subjected to a separation operation and can be used in the refining industry. In addition, this type of centrifuge incorporates a centripetal pump construction that isolates oil and water streams and enhances the fractionation of the unit.


2.LW series horizontal screw discharge decanter centrifuge

LW series horizontal screw discharge decanter centrifuge, which is also a specific type of centrifuge, which uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate the drilling suspension, and pushes the solids to the small end of the drum by the blades on the auger. The mouth is discharged, and the supernatant obtained after the separation is discharged from the overflow hole, so that continuous circulation can achieve the purpose of continuous separation.

This type of centrifuge can be used to recover barite, remove fine solids and reduce the solids content of the drilling fluid, and control the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid and achieve rapid drilling. . The advantages of this device are mainly:


(1) The sand removing effect is good, and the working parameters and feeding mode of the centrifuge can be optimized to improve the performance and use effect of the centrifuge.

(2) With low energy consumption, and the centrifuge is working at full load, the motor working load will not exceed 80% of the rated power.

(3) The whole machine works stably and has long service life. Its key and important parts are manufactured with high quality materials, which make it have good performance and extend the service life of the centrifuge. In addition, the device has low vibration and low noise during operation, and does not affect the overall operation of the centrifuge.


3.LW450 horizontal screw centrifuge

The LW450 horizontal screw centrifuge is available in both conventional and explosion-proof versions, as well as a structural form with a baffle and an efficient type for separating materials. The characteristics of this type of centrifuge are that the structure is reasonable and compact, the performance of the whole machine is good, and the adaptability is strong. It can be widely used in various separation occasions with large processing requirements, and can be used in bio-pharmaceutical, sewage wastewater treatment and Dehydration and desulfurization treatment.www.bscentrifuges.com