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What are the advantages of automatic centrifuge

Feb 25, 2020

The main advantages of the automatic centrifuge are as follows:
a. High reliability and strong ability to disturb;
b. Convenient programming, the production technology can be changed in the field by modifying the program;
c. The data can be directly communicated with the computer and can be controlled online;
d. small size, convenient for installation;
e. Convenient protection, select pin structure.

Under the effect of the centrifugal force field, the automatic centrifuge has good separation and scrubbing effects, and adaptability to materials. It is suitable for separating suspensions containing solid phase particles ≥0.05 mm. It uses hydraulic narrow scraper, low-speed closed discharge and cake discharge functions. Good, the grain is not easy to break, suitable for the separation of materials with strong heat sensitivity and rationality. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food light industry and other fields.