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What are the advantages of drilling mud centrifuges?

Aug 16, 2018

Because the drilling mud centrifuge has a high degree of automation, it is continuously fed, continuously discharging, and the solid phase particles are continuously pushed by the spiral to the small end of the drum under the action of centrifugal force. After a large number of on-site tests, the parameters of the sedimentation zone of the drilling mud centrifuge and the feeding method have been optimized, which greatly enhances the sand removal effect of the centrifuge.


It turns out that when the drilling mud centrifuge increases the power by 30%, the power does not increase, and when the centrifuge is fully loaded, the motor working load does not exceed 80% of the rated power. The key component of the drilling mud centrifuge is made of thick steel plate. The surface wear layer is twice as thick as the original one, and tungsten carbide is sprayed on the surface to ensure the long life of the centrifuge.


The main bearing of the drilling mud centrifuge adopts imported high-quality bearings, and the differential uses high-precision hard-toothed gear transmission. These measures enable the centrifuge to adapt to the harsh conditions of various drilling sites. By improving the machining accuracy and dynamic balance accuracy of the rotating part of the drilling fluid centrifuge, the vibration and noise of the centrifuge are reduced to an extremely low level.


The drilling mud centrifuge can use the frequency converter, which has the advantages of low energy consumption and infinite adjustable working speed compared with similar products. In addition, the equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, small floor space, convenient installation and maintenance.