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What are the characteristics and important parameters of the horizontal decanter centrifuge?

Feb 25, 2019

horizontal decanter centrifuge, which is a specific type of centrifuge, and from the name of its name, is a centrifuge that combines a horizontal centrifuge and a decanter centrifuge, so it is necessary to use this type of centrifuge. Have a correct understanding so that it can be distinguished from other centrifuges and used in the right place.


1. Can the horizontal decanter centrifuge be reclassified?

horizontal decanter centrifuges, which can be reclassified, so there are some specific types, such as horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges. The specific type of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is used in some industries and fields, so it needs some understanding and understanding. Its working principle is:


The centrifugal force is generated under the high-speed rotation of the main machine, so that the solid particles with a large specific gravity are deposited on the inner wall of the drum, and the spiral blades that move relative to the drum scrape the solid particles and push out the slag discharge. The liquid flows out of the drum through the opening of the seesaw to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.


2. Important parameters of horizontal decanter centrifuge

Feed flow rate: It can also be called the processing amount, which is represented by the capital letter Q. When the feed flow rate is small, the residence time of the material in the centrifuge is long, and the solid-liquid separation effect is improved. The determination of this parameter should be based on the solids content of the material and the separation requirements.

Characteristics of the suspension: The larger the solid phase particles in the material, the better the solid-liquid separation effect of the centrifuge, and the solid phase particle size is not easy, which will have a certain impact on the separation effect. In addition, the greater the difference in the weight of the solid-liquid two phases, the easier it is to separate between them. Therefore, the material feed temperature can be appropriately increased or the free sedimentation speed can be appropriately accelerated to improve the separation conditions.


3. Features of horizontal decanter centrifuge

(1) It has good adaptability, and can optimize the design of special features and adjustability of main functional components to achieve product customization and meet different usage requirements.

(2) It can run continuously for 24 hours, and has large processing capacity and good solid-liquid separation effect.

(3) Automated operation can be achieved to improve operational safety and reliability and reduce labor costs.

(4) Under normal conditions, the equipment can have a long service life as long as it is operated correctly and in a standardized manner and is properly maintained and maintained.

(5) The equipment is reasonable and compact in structure, small in floor space and simple in operation. The part in contact with the material can be made of stainless steel to achieve anti-corrosion and anti-rust. However, if the user has other requirements, they can also use other materials to make.