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What are the main installation considerations for horizontal decanter centrifuge?

Sep 14, 2017

When installing a horizontal decanter centrifuge, we need to pay special attention to a few questions. Do you know what is included? To provide convenience for everyone, we will first sum up the content to share to you, hoping to provide a reference. In general, the main installation of horizontal decanter centrifuge precautions have such a few points:

First, in the choice of installation location, be sure to ensure that the installation site is strong and smooth, and to ensure that the flatness does not exceed 1mm / m2. While also ensuring that the selected site is easy for operation and maintenance. In addition, flexible joints should be used at the pipe connections to the horizontal decanter centrifuge.

horizontal decanter centrifuge

Second, in the fixed time, should be hand to the horizontal decanter centrifuge bolts fixed, and then use the wrench diagonal tightening to ensure that the machine is in a horizontal position. In addition, the installation also need to set aside enough space in advance of the operation.

Normally, after installing a horizontal decanter centrifuge, it should be at least two meters away from the surrounding building. At the same time, there should be a hoisting device at the top of the equipment. This is mainly done when the maintenance is required. To facilitate maintenance.

After the installation, we also need to check the entire horizontal decanter centrifuge again, to confirm the normal, it should be commissioned. During the operation of the equipment, you can directly put the suspension into, or with the aid of the liquid level difference, pay attention to the time of feeding, the pressure should be controlled in the range of 0.05-0.3MPa.

Finally, the need to remind everyone that, in the use of horizontal decanter centrifuge, we must first the material among the larger impurities to remove. And then can be put into the horizontal sedimentation centrifuge centrifuge, so as not to plug the feed pipe or machine.

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