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What factors affect the choice of decanter centrifuge

Mar 31, 2020

When selecting a decanter centrifuge, different parameters will have a certain impact on the working effect of the centrifuge. When operating, the factors that affect the choice of decanter centrifuge are:

1. Decanter centrifuge speed: Generally decanter centrifuge is above 3000 rpm. For some materials that are difficult to separate, the higher the rotation speed, the higher the centrifuge separation factor, the better the separation effect.

2. Material of decanter centrifuge: The PH value of the material determines the material of the decanter centrifuge drum, and the wear resistance of different materials. Corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical indicators are not the same. Foreign decanter centrifuges generally have a minimum material of 316L, or duplex stainless steel, and abrasive components must be made of ceramic composite materials.

3. Differential control of decanter centrifuges: Different differentials have different control precisions, and there is a large difference in life and maintenance costs. The higher the differential accuracy, the better the adaptability to the material, so it is appropriate to choose a high differential accuracy. device of.

4. Length-diameter ratio: The larger the length-diameter ratio of the decanter centrifuge, the greater its processing capacity and the lower the moisture content.

5. Control system: Whether it is automatic programming control. At present, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have basically realized the fully automatic control of the equipment.

6. Installation power: It affects the control of energy consumption. Generally, domestic equipment has a high energy consumption ratio and foreign energy consumption ratio is low.

7. Processing technology: The decanter centrifuge belongs to the separation equipment required for high-precision processing. The products produced by enterprises without precision processing ability have high maintenance rate and limited processing capacity.