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What is a decanter and what are its characteristics and working processes

Jun 05, 2019

What is a water purifier? What should I know about the product of the decanter? These two questions are raised. One is to introduce the content of the article, and the other is to let everyone know the object of the article, so that the product can be correctly and reasonably used through the mastery of relevant knowledge.


What is a water purifier? From a professional point of view, the decanter, also known as the decanter, is a key mechanical device in the SBR process and is the device used in the SBR process to periodically remove clarified water because it can clarify water from the surface of the stationary pool. Pull out without agitating the sediment to ensure good effluent quality. In terms of specific types, there are mechanical, self-floating, rotating and siphoning. In application, the main fear is that it is used in water treatment.


1. Characteristics of the decanter

(1) The decanter can be designed according to the process requirements, and can be controlled by PLC technology, which can improve the working efficiency of the whole equipment.

(2) Within the load range specified by the cornice, the liquid level under the mouth shall not be disturbed. In addition, there are buoys and slag blocking plates at the entrance to ensure the quality of the effluent.

(3) A special design can be adopted to ensure the basic balance between the gravity of the decanter and the buoyancy received, thereby reducing the driving power consumption.

(4) The water-repellent device to the main drain pipe is made of stainless steel rigid connection, which can avoid the disadvantages of high failure rate, short service life and high maintenance work strength caused by soft connection.

(5) The entire decanter has a solid support that can withstand various stresses during work.


2. The working process of the decanter

The working process of the decanter is specifically as follows: when the decanter is working, under the action of the driving device, the water sluice mouth is moved in the axial direction with the center line of the slewing support bottom of the decanter as the shifting circular motion. During the process, the supernatant in the SBR reaction tank flows into the hydrophobic branch through the sputum sputum and is discharged through the sputum main pipe. When the drowning work is finished, the drowning mouth is moved in a circular motion with the center line of the slewing support at the bottom of the decanter as the axial direction, so that the drowning mouth can be stopped at the standby position, waiting for the influent, biochemical reaction, sedimentation, etc. After the process is completed, the next drowning process can be performed.


In addition, the sewage treatment of the batch activated sludge method is the basic process of water ingress, reaction, sedimentation, water discharge and standby in basic operation. From the beginning of the inflow of sewage to the end of the standby is a cycle. Through the use of the decanter, it is possible to achieve regular quantitative discharge of the treated water, thereby enabling the SBR pool to achieve continuous treatment of sewage.www.bscentrifuges.com