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What is a screw decanter and its composition and performance characteristics

Jun 14, 2019

Screw decanter, which is a specific type of decanter, and from a professional point of view, is also a kind of decanter that needs to be familiar and understood, because it is a common and commonly used species. The following is to explain and explain the relevant knowledge of this kind of decanter, so as to achieve the purpose of correct and reasonable use.


1. What is a screw decanter?

From a professional point of view, the screw decanter is a decanter specially designed for the sequencing batch biological treatment system, and it has good hydro-mechanical performance, which can realize the flow of water into the effluent during the drowning process. The laminar flow state, and the depth of the drowning water is adjustable, so that the amount of water discharged is adjustable. Therefore, it can be said to be the key equipment of the circulating activated sludge process.


2. Application and structural composition of the screw decanter

The screw decanter is widely used in urban sewage due to its small size, low energy consumption, simple use and easy maintenance, no noise, high automation, convenient centralized management and good water-repellent effect. In industries such as processing, papermaking, beer, pharmaceuticals, leather, and food, there are good results.


The screw decanter is composed of a water-repellent device, a transmission device, a slag pontoon device and a slewing bearing, wherein the driving mechanism can drive the water-repellent device and the slag-buoy device to rotate around the slewing ring by the retractable push rod In order to move the sputum mouth up and down, the purpose of scooping out the supernatant is achieved. When the decanter is in the lowered water level, the liquid level switch placed at the low water level issues a return command, so that the screw decanter quickly rises to the initial parking position, thus completing a work cycle.


3. Performance characteristics of screw decanter

(1) Intelligent water can be used, and the closer to the sludge, the faster the water is discharged, and the better the quality of the water.

(2) Double-layer limit switches and safety alarm devices can be set to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

(3) The product has strong adaptability, and its parameters can be appropriately adjusted to meet and adapt to different water quality and quantity requirements.

(4) Some important components and devices have safety guards to avoid damage or damage to components or devices.

(5) Sealed rotary joints can be used, so that the joints are flexible to rotate and have good sealing performance, and the sealing ring can be replaced without draining. The underwater part of the decanter is made of stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance. In addition, the entire screw decanter has a robust support that can withstand the various pressures encountered during operation.www.bscentrifuges.com