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What is the separation effect of theindustrial decanter centrifuges?

Jan 07, 2019

The factors affecting the separation effect of theindustrial decanter centrifuges mainly include two aspects, one is the design parameter that cannot be changed; the other is the operational parameter that can be changed. There are three main design parameters that can not be changed in theindustrial decanter centrifuges.


The first is the diameter of the sedimentation drum and the filter drum of theindustrial decanter centrifuges. The diameter of the drum determines the production capacity of the centrifuge. As the diameter of the drum increases, the amount of the treated suspension of the centrifuge also The increase is followed by the conical angle of the sedimentation drum and the centrifugal drum. Under the action of the centrifugal force, the crystal body hits the inner wall of the drum, and under the action of the screw ejector, the solid particles have a tendency to move backwards, so The speed at which the crystal particles are separated is closely related to the taper angle of the drum.


In addition, the ratio of the diameter to the length of the centrifugal drum and the settling drum of theindustrial decanter centrifuges, the longer the aspect ratio, the longer the suspension stays in the centrifuge, and the suspension inside the centrifuge is determined. Flow rate, which will have a certain impact on the separation ofindustrial decanter centrifugess.