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Whether the decanter centrifuge should be cleaned and its industrial application

Apr 15, 2019

1. Decanter centrifuge, its full name, why? And, what principle is it used to perform the separation operation?


The horizontal screw centrifuge, the full name of which is a horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge. The principle is that the separation process is realized by the different specific gravity of the object at the same acceleration and according to the sedimentation rate of the object, and further, there is a good separation effect.


2. Decanter centrifuge, should it be cleaned during use?


The decanter centrifuge, in the course of its use, is to carry out its cleaning work, for the regular cleaning of the liquid return pipe, and the cleaning of some other components, thereby effectively reducing the degree of wear of the centrifuge.


3. In the industry, is the decanter centrifuge widely used?


Decanter Centrifuge This type of centrifuge is widely used in industries such as sewage treatment, chemical, textile, and food production and processing.