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Which of the process conditions of the horizontal spiral centrifuge affect the separation effect?

May 06, 2019

1.Feed temperature

The feed temperature, which is the slurry temperature, affects the viscosity of the mother liquor, etc., and the two are inversely proportional. Therefore, for a horizontal screw centrifuge that requires a good solid phase dryness, the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity of the feed liquid, and the higher the separation effect. However, it should be noted that the temperature is not as high as possible, and too high will cause problems.


2. Feeding speed

Feed rate, which is related to the amount of feed. Because, if the feed amount is too large, the separation effect of the centrifuge will be deteriorated. The main reason for this is that the effective residence time of the separation slurry in the drum is too short, so that there is not enough time for sedimentation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient time for the horizontal screw centrifuge to have a good separation effect. Therefore, the feed rate must be controlled to make it reasonable and suitable.


3. Abnormal process conditions

The main reason is that the crystal content in the feed slurry is insufficient, or the crystal is not crystallized, so that it is flocculated, which is very disadvantageous for the horizontal screw centrifuge because it greatly affects its seperate effect. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid it, and take effective measures to solve it, so as to avoid adverse consequences.