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Wide application and design requirements of the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

Jul 05, 2019

During the working process, the sludge of the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge is transported to the dehydration section after being concentrated by gravity in the enrichment section. During the process of advancement, the filter joint and the pitch gradually become smaller, and the back pressure plate is blocked. Under the action, it produces a great internal pressure, and the volume is continuously reduced to achieve the purpose of sufficient dehydration.


The application of the snail sludge dewatering machine is widely used.


1. Suitable for sludge in municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding consumables, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries.


2. Suitable for dehydration of high and low concentration sludge. When dewatering low concentration (2000mg/L~) sludge, it is not necessary to build a concentration tank or a storage tank, reduce construction cost, reduce phosphorus release and anaerobic odor generation.


Design of the snail sludge dewatering machine


1. Compact design, the dehydrator contains electric control cabinet, metering tank, flocculation mixing tank and dehydrator body.


2. Small footprint, easy to repair and replace; small weight, easy to handle.


The snail sludge dewatering machine is not easy to block


1. Has the function of self-cleaning. There is no need to clean the filter to prevent clogging, reduce the amount of water used for flushing, and reduce the burden of internal circulation.


2. Good at dehydration of oily sludge.