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Working process and equipment requirements of oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge

Aug 26, 2019

In the process of working the oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge, a clear liquid chamber, a cone cylinder and a slag port switching device may be provided. The clear liquid chamber is an annular groove formed by connecting the conical bottom and the cylinder body, and has a clear liquid outlet pipe therein. The high-speed water stream spirally splashes onto the outer casing into the clearing chamber. The conical bottom is located at the lower part of the cylinder, and the cone tube is fixed with a feeding nozzle, a high-pressure water nozzle and a slag discharge port (return port), and the slag port switching device is located at the lower part of the conical bottom, which is composed of a nuclear-level valve electric device and a grounding shaft. , switch cans, cones and other components.


The bottom of the switching tank of the oil field sludge sedimentation centrifuge is provided with a return nozzle (return feed liquid tank), a slag discharge port (into the slag water tank) and a baffle. When the high-speed settlement is separated, the cone is aligned with the return port. In the process of feeding, due to the existence of the gap between the feeding pipe and the liquid discharging plate, the liquid liquid rubs along the outer liquid of the upper pipe and the liquid and gas, and the collision between the feeding and the liquid plate forms a droplet through the cone. The cartridge is collected through the return port into the feed tank. It is understood that since the scientific research machine does not have this device, the amount of the raw liquid collected from the slag port during the separation operation is 1% of the feed, which is related to the formed droplet.


When the oil sludge dewatering centrifuge discharges the slag, the cone is aligned with the slag discharge port, and the water flow of the four 90 ĚŠ fan nozzles will cover the inner wall of the drum, and the slag will be slag in the case of slow rotation, and the slag water enters the slag through the cone. sink.