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How To Choose The Appropriate Centrifuge

Jun 08, 2017

Selection of the following three must pay attention to the problem:

1, anti-corrosion properties: centrifuge materials are generally separated from a certain corrosive, and material contact with the material, must be able to meet the requirements of corrosion-resistant to ensure safe use.

(304, 321, 316L, titanium plate), sealing ring, gasket material, surface treatment measures (lining plastic, rubber lining, surface spray halar), and filter cloth material, etc. should be selected determine. The manufacturer may be informed of the nature of the material (chemical properties, temperature at the time of separation, etc.) at the time of selection so that the manufacturer can advise on the selection of the centrifuge material according to the characteristics of the separated media and indicate in the order to ensure that Centrifuge anti-corrosion requirements.


2, explosion-proof performance: centrifuge processed materials (or the environment) such as organic solvents containing flammable and explosive substances, the centrifuge should have explosion-proof performance. Explosion-proof performance depending on the process of explosion-proof requirements (grade) to determine. Previously related to the explosion-proof occasions, but proposed to configure explosion-proof motor, nearly two years, for the treatment of materials containing solvents and other organic solvents, most of the requirements of nitrogen protection. In fact, the centrifuge to achieve the true sense of the explosion, in the machinery, electronic control, accessories, etc. to take a variety of measures, such as:

Electronic control system: explosion-proof barrier, non-contact energy consumption braking system, electrostatic grounding, explosion-proof automatic control.

Mechanical system: explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof lighting, anti-collision measures, anti-static belt.

Explosion-proof accessories: nitrogen protection device, nitrogen on-line detection, on-site explosion control button.

Therefore, for explosion-proof requirements of the occasion, the user should specify the order of the separation of the media, explosion-proof requirements and grade, configure the appropriate device and take appropriate measures to meet the explosion-proof requirements.