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Centrifuge The Sealing Treatment

Jun 08, 2017

Medical and pharmaceutical industries related to the use of centrifuges regardless of the requirements of non-sterile environment or sterile environment, the use of the process of environmental requirements put forward a high demand, in the high-level environmental requirements, such as in the aseptic workshop, there Million, 100,000 and other workshops, good sealing performance can make the outside and the machine to maintain an effective internal isolation. Centrifuge in the cavity of the solid, liquid, gas phase with the operator, the external environment can produce cross-contamination. In general, the user should inform the centrifuge manufacturer when ordering, and request a seal. The manufacturer should improve the design of the closed performance of the centrifuge and fully reflect it at the time of manufacture. It is generally considered in the following parts:

Cover of the cover: cover because it is flip, and the chassis surface should be a reliable sealing measures, if the seal structure or material corrosion failure, it may cause liquid, gas leakage, the environment, personnel damage.

Seal groove structure, seal the anti-corrosion properties, in the design and selection should be fully taken into account the sealing performance and reliability.

For the feed pipe, washing tube, observation mirror and other installation of the installation interface, there should be a reliable sealing measures.

Seat of the bearing: For the spindle nut, the bearing position of the seal, the previous traditional models in this area of the sealing measures is relatively simple, can only be relatively sealed. Such as the spindle nut parts, the spindle nut and the drum joint surface, generally do not set the ring, the centrifuge in the running process liquid phase, gas infiltration, the spindle cone corrosion, and even infiltration into the bearing, the bearing damage, thus affecting The normal use of the machine. The upper bearing cap is generally provided with a skeleton-type seal, but the part of the bearing cap and the drum cone is exposed, and the gas phase in the inner chamber of the centrifuge may corrode the exposed surface of the spindle. The centrifuges used in the pharmaceutical industry are mostly organic solvents or acids, bases, salts and other media, so the equipment should be fully taken into account when the sealing requirements of these parts, set the dynamic seal or static seal structure to achieve Seal requirements.

Transmission belt working area of the seal: the traditional centrifuge drive belt is open, but in the motor side to set a protective cover, mainly from a security point of view to improve its use of safety, but for the friction caused by dust on the environment pollution It is not feasible to use it in the clean area. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the working area of the belt to prevent the leakage of dust.

Other parts (outlet pipe, feed pipe, hopper and other interface parts): for the centrifuge of the external pipeline, such as feed pipe, washing tube, cleaning pipe and other pipelines, under normal circumstances the choice of flange installation to ensure its The sealing performance of the interface, for some cleanliness requirements of the occasion, the interface should use the health level quick opening device, in order to facilitate cleaning.