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Principle And Classification Standard Of Centrifuge

Jun 08, 2017

First, according to the structure and separation requirements, centrifuge is divided into filter centrifuge, sedimentation centrifuge and separator.

1, filter centrifuge: centrifugal filtration method used to separate the components of the centrifuge centrifuge. There are many holes in the drum wall of the filter centrifuge, and the inner surface of the drum covers the filter media. The suspension of the drum is rotated with the drum to produce a large centrifugal pressure. The liquid in the suspension flows through the filter medium and the holes in the drum wall under pressure. The solid is trapped on the surface of the filter medium to achieve Separation of solids and liquids.

Filtration centrifuge can be divided into three-foot centrifuge, hanging on the centrifuge, scraper slag filter centrifuge, piston slag centrifuge, screw unloading filter centrifuge, centrifugal force unloading centrifuge, vibration unloading centrifuge , Such as moving slag centrifuge.

2, sedimentation centrifuge: sedimentation centrifuge is a new type of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, its working principle is the use of solid-liquid specific gravity difference, and rely on the centrifugal force field to expand thousands of times, solid phase in the role of centrifugal force Under the settlement, in order to achieve solid-liquid separation, and in the role of special institutions were discharged under the body. The entire feed and separation process is continuous, closed, automatic completion.

The sedimentation centrifuge is divided into intermittent operation sedimentation centrifuge, and continuous operation sedimentation centrifuge. Intermittent operation of sedimentation centrifuge, including three-foot sedimentation centrifuge and scraper sedimentation sedimentation centrifuge. Continuous operation of sedimentation centrifuge, including spiral slag sedimentation centrifuge and so on.

3, separators are only suitable for the separation of low concentrations of suspensions and emulsions, including disc separators, tube separators and chamber separators.

Second, according to the separation factor Fr value, divided into constant speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, ultra-high-speed centrifuge.

Separation factor Fr refers to the material in the centrifugal force field by the centrifugal force, and the material in the gravity field by the ratio of gravity. Constant speed centrifuge Fr ≤ 3500 (usually 600 ~ 1200), this centrifuge speed is lower, larger diameter. High-speed centrifuge Fr = 3500 ~ 50000, this centrifuge speed is higher, the general drum diameter is smaller, and the length is longer. Ultra-high speed centrifuge Fr> 50000, because the high speed (50000r / min above), so the drum made of elongated tube.

Third, according to the installation, can be divided into vertical, horizontal, tilted, hanging and three-foot and so on.