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The Use Of Centrifuge Rules

Jun 08, 2017

The working principle of the centrifuge is: the suspension (material) enters the drum through the feed pipe and the spiral discharge port. Under the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, the solid particles with large specific gravity are deposited on the inner wall of the drum, The relative movement of the spiral blade will continue to be deposited in the drum on the inner wall of the solid particles scraped and launched the slag mouth. The separated clear liquid flows out of the drum through the liquid level regulating plate opening. The relative movement between the helix and the drum, that is, the differential speed is achieved by the differential, and its size is controlled by the auxiliary motor. The housing of the differential is connected with the drum, and the output shaft is connected with the spiral body, and the input shaft is connected with the auxiliary motor. The main motor drives the rotation of the drum while also driving the rotation of the differential case, and the auxiliary motor controls the speed of the differential input shaft through the coupling. So that the differential can be a certain ratio of torque will be transmitted to the spiral, in order to achieve the centrifuge continuous separation of the material process.

The use of centrifuge rules:

1. Centrifuge in the pre-cooling state, the centrifuge cover must be closed, after the end of centrifugal removal of the rotor to be inverted on the bench, dry the cavity and the remaining water, the centrifuge cover is open.

2. Turn the head in the pre-cooling turn the lid can be placed on the centrifuge platform, or placed on the bench, do not tighten the floating on the rotor, because once the wrong start, turn cover Will fly out, cause an accident!

3. Turn the cover in the tightened after the use of your fingers must touch the transfer head and transfer between the gap, if the gap to unscrew the re-tightened until you can confirm the gap before starting the centrifuge.

4. In the centrifugal process, the operator must not leave the centrifuge room, in the event of an abnormal situation the operator can not turn off the power POWER), press STOP. In the pre-cooling to fill out the use of centrifuge records.

5. Do not use shoddy centrifuge tube, shall not use aging, deformation, cracked centrifuge tube.

6. After the holidays and evening the last use of a centrifuge routine safety check before leaving.

7. In the course of the use of equipment failure, parts damage to the timely contact with us. Centrifuge use Note At present, the laboratory is commonly used in electric centrifuge electric centrifuge rotation speed, pay attention to safety, especially to prevent the centrifuge during operation, due to imbalance or test tube aging, leaving the centrifuge side of the work side of the move , Consistent from the experimental bench fell, or because the lid is not covered, the centrifuge tube due to vibration and rupture, the glass fragments fly out, causing the accident. Therefore, the use of centrifuges, we must pay attention to the following operations.

(1) the bottom of the centrifuge casing to cotton or test tube pad.

(2) If the electric centrifuge noise or fuselage vibration, should immediately cut off the power, immediately troubleshooting.

(3) centrifuge tube must be symmetrical into the casing, to prevent vibration of the fuselage, if only one sample tube to use another other quality water instead.

(4) start the centrifuge, the cover should be covered after the centrifuge, before slowly start.

(5) After the separation, close the centrifuge, after the centrifuge stops rotating, can open the centrifuge cover, remove the sample, can not force the external force to stop the movement.

(6) centrifugal time is generally 1 to 2 minutes, during which the experimenter may not leave to do other things.

Centrifuge in the hospital laboratory application is very extensive, is also a necessary basic equipment, but many times often overlooked the basic equipment. Centrifuge is one of the most commonly used basic equipment, centrifuge separation of serum, precipitation of tangible cells, concentrated bacteria, PCR test and so essential tools.