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Centrifuge The Speed Of The Way

Jun 08, 2017

Centrifuge has now been widely used, has been recognized by everyone. In the purchase of centrifuges when you need to choose the right to allow the centrifuge to fully play its performance. Centrifuge role of the principle there are two, divided into centrifugal filtration and centrifugal sedimentation. Centrifugal filtration is the centrifugal pressure generated by the suspension in the centrifugal force field, acting on the liquid, passing the liquid through the filter medium into the filtrate, and the solid particles are trapped on the surface of the filter medium to achieve liquid-solid separation; centrifugal sedimentation is the use of suspension (Or liquid - liquid) separation of the components with different densities in the centrifugal force field. Centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force on the mixed solution for rapid separation and precipitation of a special equipment. Variable speed is generally divided into two kinds of variable speed and variable speed. The use of variable speed centrifuges is more common. Centrifuge generally high-speed motor, speed control system, centrifugal system and the shell composed of several parts.

Centrifuge use:

1. Centrifuge should be placed on a level of solid floor or platform, and strive to make the machine in a horizontal position to avoid centrifugation caused by machine vibration.

2. Turn on the power switch and install the required swivel head as required. Place the sample with the balance of the balance in advance on the rotor sample holder (the centrifuge must be balanced with the sample) and close the cover.

3. Press the function selection key to set the requirements: temperature, speed, time, acceleration and deceleration. The machine with computer control also needs to press the storage key to memorize the input information.

4. Press the start button, the centrifuge will perform the above parameters to operate, to the scheduled time automatically shut down.

5. After the centrifuge is completely stopped, turn on the cover, remove the centrifugal sample, wipe the rotor and the inner wall of the chamber with a soft, clean cloth, and wait until the temperature and room temperature of the centrifuge chamber are covered.