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Centrifuge Maintenance

Jun 08, 2017

Centrifuge the power should be cut off before the first power supply and release the centrifuge brake, you can manually turn the drum to see whether the bite the situation.

Check the other parts of the loose and abnormal situation.

Turn on the power in the clockwise direction (usually from the standstill to the normal operation takes about 40-60 seconds). Usually each device to the factory after the empty operation are about 3 hours or so, no exception to work.

Keep the material as homogeneous as possible.

Must be hand operation, the capacity shall not exceed the rated amount.

Do not run the machine speed, so as not to affect the machine life.

After the machine starts, if there is any unusual circumstances must be parking check, if necessary, need to wash repair.

Centrifuge work is high-speed operation, so do not use the body touched its drum to prevent accidents.

The mesh size of the filter cloth should be based on the size of the solid particles of the separated material, otherwise it will affect the separation effect. In addition to the installation of filter cloth filter cloth should be embedded in the drum seal groove, to prevent the material ran into.

To ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge, turn the parts every 6 months after the refueling maintenance time. At the same time check the bearing running lubrication, with or without wear; brake parts in the wear and tear, serious to be replaced; bearing cover with or without oil.

After the machine is finished, clean the work and keep the machine clean.