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Horizontal Centrifuge: The Advantages Of Solid-liquid Separation Equipment

Jun 08, 2017

Horizontal centrifuge: the advantages of solid-liquid separation equipment

1, the treatment effect is good: the removal rate of pollutants, COD 40 ~ 99%, ammonia nitrogen 30 ~ 60%, 80 ~ 100% oil, decolorization rate of 80 ~ 99%, 100% polymer.

2, the processing speed: the entire flocculation reaction and solid-liquid separation process generally only takes about 3 minutes.

3, small footprint: the entire unit of the body can be miniaturized to the limit, such as 100m3 / h unit, covers an area of only 45m2 or less. Compared with the traditional biochemical process, covers an area of only about 1/10.

4, the amount of water treatment: the flocculation reaction and solid-liquid separation of the equipment fast (3 minutes or so) and therefore large water treatment capacity of the sewage plant (station), can be used to solve the parallel way.

5, flexible mobility: can be made into a fixed, can also be made into a car-based, ship-based mobile processing, connected to the power can be used. Can be used for oil drilling, river dredging, municipal engineering, construction site and so on.

6, the system does not need to backwash: the whole process does not exist any form of congestion, stranded the problem, the flow does not exist blocked the problem of blocking, so no backwash. Just before the shutdown, with the water will remain the reaction solution and Mud group out can be.

7, high degree of automation, easy management: the equipment is running, just water and power continuously, dosing, reaction and separation can be run automatically, without care, and can be frequency control, management can be part-time staff

According to the time 8,12,24 an hour to add a drug can be.

8, the security performance: the device is equipped with automatic alarm function, equipment operation, such as a certain interruption of equipment or rotation part of the failure, you can alarm shutdown, will not appear after the drug is not up to standard or mechanical accident,

After that, drive again.

9, the maintenance rate is low: the device dedicated disk speed is only 1rd / min, and therefore rarely malfunction, vulnerable parts can be replaced regularly.

10, the construction period is short: equipment manufacturing cycle of 30 to 45 days, the installation time of 2 to 3 days, debugging time is only a few hours.