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The Analysis On The Selection Of The Horizontal Spiral Decanter Centrifuge

Nov 14, 2017

The horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge belongs to a kind of energy-saving and efficient solid-liquid separation equipment. For the users, the choice of the appropriate horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge not only can solve the production problem and improve work efficiency, but also can save the production cost and improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise.


So, when purchasing the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge, what points should be paid attention to? First of all, we need to choose the appropriate speed. Usually, the higher the speed of the equipment is, the more ideal separation effect will be, the  handling capacity in unit time will be relatively large. However, this does not mean that the higher the speed is, the better the effect will be. For the user, it mainly decided according to their own real needs.


Secondly, we must also pay attention to checking the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge material. This is because the production materials are different, the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical indicators will show obvious differences.


Thirdly, the differential control of horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge is also needed to be considered. This is because if the control precision of the differential mechanism is different, the adaptability of the material will be different, and it also has a close relationship with the service life and maintenance cost of the equipment.


The fourth factor to be noted is the draw ratio of the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge. Usually, the larger the draw ratio of the equipment is, the greater the processing power will be, and the smaller the moisture content of the solid phase after the treatment will be.


In addition, we need to consider the processing and manufacturing process of the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge and the power of the equipment. This is because the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge belongs to the separation equipment with high precision processing requirements, and its power will affect the energy consumption ratio.