Automatic Continuous Volute Screw Press Sludge Thickening And Dewatering Machine For Sewage Sludge Treatment

Product Details

Continuous volute screw sludge dewatering machine is a new type solid - liquid separation equipment. It uses the screw extrusion principle, strong extrusion pressure generated by the screw diameter and pitch change, and tiny gap between the moving ring and the fixing ring to achieve the sludge extrusion dehydration. It is widely used in city mixed raw sewage, food & beverage industry, chemical industry, stone & mine-sewage, tannery sewage, paper & pulp sewage, plating sewage, print & dyeing sewage, power plant, chemical industry and so on.

Screw sludge dewatering machine working principle
Sludge thickening:
When the shaft is driven by the screw, moving rings around the shaft move up and down relatively. Most water is pressed out from the thickening zone and fall down to the filtrate tank for gravity.
Sludge dewatering:
The thickened sludge moves forward continuously from the thickening zone towards the dewatering zone. With the pitch of the screw shaft thread getting narrower and narrower, the pressure in the filter chamber increases higher and higher. In addition to the pressure generated by the back-pressure plate, the sludge is greatly pressed and dryer sludge cakes produce.
The moving rings rotates continuously up and down under the pushing of the running screw shaft while the gaps between the fixed rings and moving rings are cleaned to prevent from clogging that happens frequently for traditional dewatering equipment. 

Product Application:

Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants

Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants

Industrial waste treatment plants

Food/beverage production plants

Dairy farming/Meat processing plants

Chemicals manufacturing plants

Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing plants

Laundry wastewater

Other plants requiring dewatering machine (paper manufacturing, building material manufacturing, oilfield associated water accompanied with crude oil mining, etc.)

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